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Dr. Lisa Bostaph

Dr. Lisa Growette-Bostaph is a full professor of Criminal Justice at Boise State University. She has extensive research and practical experience in the area of victim services and evaluation research. Previously, she was the founder and administrator of Project P.E.A.C.E., a domestic violence/sexual violence/child abuse community advocacy program, and, subsequently, a victim/witness coordinator in a county attorney’s office (both in Minnesota). In addition, Dr. Bostaph was part of the research team for the Crime victims in Idaho report, a founding member of the executive committee overseeing the Idaho Victim Assistance Academy, a research advisor to the committees of the Idaho Coordinated Community Response to Domestic & Sexual Violence, and has served as the primary researcher on the development, implementation, and validation of the Idaho Risk Assessment of Dangerousness (IRAD). She has conducted multiple research studies (demographic, process, and outcome evaluations) on domestic violence and sexual assault programs through partnerships with the Nampa Police Department, Nampa Family Justice Center, the Idaho Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, and other service providers in Idaho. Dr. Bostaph has also conducted a nationwide assessment of the availability of college-level courses on victimology and victim services.

Dr. Laura King

Laura L. King, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Boise State University where she teaches courses on victimology, research methods, and statistics. Her research focuses on sexual violence, victimization, victim services, and gender and crime. Much of her work has involved collaborations with victim service and criminal justice agencies in Idaho and she currently serves as a member of the Idaho Sexual Assault Kit Initiative.

Dr. Lane Gillespie

Dr. Lane Kirkland Gillespie is an Associate Professor in the Criminal Justice Program at Boise State University. Her research focuses on intimate partner abuse, gendered victimization, rural crime and justice, and the role of the victim in criminal justice processes. She has experience in multi-source data collection, qualitative methods, and evaluation research. Dr. Gillespie is honored by opportunities to engage in research collaborations with practitioners and community partners. She is currently serving on the Idaho Rural Collaborative for Underserved Youth State-level Committee.

Dr. Jessica Wells

Dr. Jessica Wells is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Boise State University. Her research focuses primarily on environmental and biological variation in the effects of stress and trauma. In addition to her role as teacher and researcher, she is the webmaster for the Western Association of Criminal Justice and has served in a variety of roles in online communications.